Frame Builder's Metal Primer - 400ml

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  • Frame Builder's Metal Primer - 400ml


Primers, undercoats and finishing topcoats

Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Metal Primer - 400ml
This modern hi-tech anti-corrosive primer is designed to be used on any bare metal bicycle frameset prior to painting. Its acrylic base and white colour make it slightly easier to use on steel than the Frame Builder's Cold-Zinc.

- Product color: white

- Spray distance: at least 20 cm

- White acrylic anti-corrosive primer

- Ideal for aluminium, steel, stainless steel and titanium bicycle framesets

- Provides a strong adhesion for Spray.Bike paints

- Recommended minimum coat: one

- Drying time: 20 minutes

- Requires no post-application heat treatment

- On steel frames, can be used as a more historically accurate alternative to the Frame Builder’s Metal Primer

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