Frame Builder's Cold-Zinc - 400ml

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  • Frame Builder's Cold-Zinc - 400ml


Primers, undercoats and finishing topcoats

HEALTH WARNING: You do need to take care using this product as it is metal in dust form, which is not safe to breathe in! Wearing a respirator and painting with the product in a well ventilated area is therefore essential.

Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Cold-Zinc - 400ml
Traditionally, steel bikes were zinc-dipped before being painted, the zinc creating a non-corrosive barrier to prevent rust and prolong the frame’s life. Our cold-zinc spray primer honours that tradition and provides unrivalled protection against corrosion on steel bike frames.

- Product color: metallic grey

- Spray distance: at least 20 cm

- 95% galvanised zinc primer

- Apply internally and externally to prime raw steel tubing before painting

- Recommended minimum coat: one

- Drying time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

- On steel frames, can be used as a more historically accurate alternative to the Frame Builder’s Metal Primer

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